A new experience AdventureTour brand will carry you on Eastern counties to the beautiful Ukrainean town of Odessa. We are going to travel for 4 days and we will travel approximately 1,200 km starting from Baragan plain and part of the Dobrogea region, crossing the Romanian borders with a short passage through the Republic of Moldova, then south of Ukraine, where we will have the first overnight stay in Izmail town, a historical city that lies on the left bank of Chilia channel.








Mini group

The second day of the trip covers the distance between Izmail and Odessa, passing through the Ukrainian city of Kiliya, the twin brother of the Romanian town Chilia Veche located across the Danube. A visit to the White Fortress is also scheduled just before we reach our final destination Odessa. The White Fortress is a fortress with origins in the 13th century, from the time of Stephen the Great, being considered the gateway to Europe for Asian peoples. In the evening, our group will arrive in Odessa, the "jewel" of the region, where they will be expected to spend the night at a 5-star hotel, specially selected.

The third day is non-motorcycle, being dedicated to visiting the imposing host city. We will enjoy the colors and culinary delights of Odessa, a city with an impressive historical load, rich architecture and welcoming people. Although a historic city, Odessa offers one of the most modern resorts on the Black Sea. With an impressive variety of influences, due to the tumultuous past marked by Soviet, Germanic and Ottoman occupations, Odessa is today the third largest city in Ukraine and represents, from a historical perspective, a unique cultural, social and gastronomic mix in the area.

After a day full of authentic experiences on Odessa Street, our tour will say goodbye to this former Soviet city, today with a European look and will head to Romania. The next two days are reserved for the return trip, with overnight stay in a chic hotel in Braila. We will end the tour on the 5th day, enriched with lived experiences and plans for our next adventures.

Duration: 5 days

Distance: 1200 km

               - 1588 Eur - with motorcycle included (Yamaha Tenere 700) and accommodation in single room

               - 1503 Eur - with motorcycle included (Yamaha Tenere 700) and accommodation in a double room

               - 771 Eur - cost per passenger

               - 930 Eur - with own motorcycle and accommodation in single room

              - 845 Eur - with own motorcycle and accommodation in a double room

The price includes:
              - 4 nights accommodation, 4 or 5 *,

               - Breakfast, lunch and dinner

               - Experienced motorcycle guide

               - 24/7 technical assistance

               - Assistance machine for luggage and technical support

               - Spare motorcycle

               - Airport transfer

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