Adventure Riding Boot Camp

While the off-road motorcycle driving is new for you, or you already have some experience in this field, but you still lack confidence to get going on the motorcycle, our “Adventure riding” training course may help you improve your driving technique, thus it assures you that you will travel correctly, safely and with no stress across the routes that you propose to travel.

Most riders who are oriented towards adventure motorcycling, come after a more or less significant experience in street motorcycling and at the same time with few notions in terms of managing slippery surfaces and tackling obstacles. Riding adventure motorcycles, especially heavy ones, requires the acquisition of a completely different set of skills, which makes this course dedicated to all riders, regardless of level.
Prices and inclusions:
Module 1 - 350 Eur (one day)
Module 2 – 550 Eur (two days)
Module 3 – 280 Eur (one day )
The price includes the lunch, drinks and coffee

Think of this course as a base of skills that you will acquire, and that you will work on in the future to improve and evolve. Like most things in life, you can't grow on an unstable foundation.

If you are interested, you can find information about the course below.

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